5 Simple Things You Can Do Every Morning to Live a Happier Life

The choices you make in the morning, no matter how small they may seem, have a huge impact on how the rest of your day will go.

The first hour of your day can have either a positive impact or a negative impact depending on how you spending your waking moments.

This is why it is so important to create a morning routine that will help you feel happier and more productive throughout the day.

Now it’s easy to create a good morning routine, but it's your philosophy that will determine if you will keep doing it every single morning.

Yes, that includes the weekends and even vacation. 

A good morning routine, however, shouldn’t feel like a chore. A good morning routine is something that you want to do, something you must do before you can do anything else.

In this blog post, I will show you 5 simple things that you can add into your existing morning routine (if you already have one) and how you can change your philosophy so that you will stick to it long term.

Let’s jump right in!

The Perfect Morning Routine for Happiness

  1. Drink a Glass of Water - Each morning, as soon as you wake up, have a glass of water. This helps to rehydrate the body and wakes up your brain to help you become more alert.

  2. Meditate - Practicing meditation in the morning is a great way to increase your focus and remove any negative thoughts that may otherwise distract you. ( You can check out my post on morning mediation here)

  3. Exercise for 10-15 minutes - There are plenty of quick exercises that you can in the morning. It doesn’t have to be too complicated. Either do some cardio, a good core workout, or even just some pushups or yoga. The key here is to get your body moving. This helps to improve your mood and keep you motivated throughout the day.

  4. Journal - Write down 3 new things that you are grateful for each morning and write a short entry on at least one positive experience you had the previous day. This helps to train your brain to look for positivity.

  5. Do a Random Act of Kindness - Just take a moment to shoot someone a text, email, or even a phone call (if its not too early) praising someone for something that they did. Or go out and do something nice for someone later on that day and write about it in your journal the next day. This will help you feel good about what you did and keep trying to help others.

And there you have it. 5 simple things you can do each morning to live a happier life. 

These 5 things are incredibly simple and easy to do, but they are also easy not to do.

This is where your philosophy comes in. It’s not what you do when people are around that defines you.... It’s what you do when no one is around that makes the difference.

Going for a 15-minute walk every morning as a part of your morning routine is easy to do, but it is also easy not to.

Let’s say one morning you wake up and really just don’t feel like going for that walk this morning.

Or maybe you just don’t feel like writing in your journal today.

It happens, we have all been there. But what you do next defines who you are and what you believe in.

If you decided to just roll over and go back to bed you can, no one will ever know,

But you have made your choice to not do the simple things that separate you from those who aren’t willing to do the little things every single day to better themselves.

It all comes down to consistency. The easy things that not everyone wants to do day in and day out.

I hope this blog post helps! Comment below to let me know what you think about this list. 

If there is anything that you do in your morning routine that you think may help others please share below!

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